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The KING of COMFORT has arrived!

With our Phantom Saddle, we went for ultralight and very modular. That’s the reason it’s the greatest selling saddle of all time. But we listened to you guys who were willing to carry a bit more weight & bulk in exchange for maximum comfort and created the Ultralock SD. This thing is the Cadillac of Comfiness!

The Ultralock SD includes: Ultralock SD Expandable Saddle, UtiliBridge™ & Comfort Channels™, 2 sets of Ultralock Links

Regular = 30″-40″ waist | XL = +40″ waist

The Ultralock SD saddle is the KING of COMFORT.
Over the past 2 years we’ve tested and refined a new approach to our saddle lineup. We wanted to reimagine comfort and user-friendliness. The Ultralock SD takes the best in class features from our Phantom like our UtiliBridge™, Comfort Channels™, and integrated lineman loops and adds in our Expandable Saddle Body with Ultralock Link construction to create a mega-comfortable saddle that expands and contracts with you throughout your hunt. The Ultralock SD is the next evolution in saddle hunting comfort. You’re gonna LOVE it.

Our brand new Ultralock Links are a fresh take on an expandable saddle. The biggest complaint with pleated saddles is the inability to close the pleat while in transport mode moving to and from your hunting area. They tend to open at the wrong time and flop around. Pleated saddles all suffer from this issue and can lead to an annoying user experience. We re-engineered the concept and created an Expandable Saddle Body to work hand-in-hand with our Ultralock Link system to solve this issue. Our Expandable Saddle Body allows the saddle to move with you while walking, climbing, and hunting. The Ultralock Links are removeable, adjustable, and user replaceable. Hunters can dial in their specific comfort setting, and replace them if they wear out, get lost, or get damaged. You get two sets with the Ultralock : 1 pre-installed, and 1 replacement set.

Our patented UtiliBridge™ is the KING of adjustable saddle hunting bridges. Your bridge is incredibly important for comfort, durability, and 360 degree shooting. With nearly 40 inches of on-the-fly adjustability, everyone can find their saddle hunting sweet spot. UtiliBridge™ works with your setup to make every hunt as simple as possible. Our patented Comfort Channels™ provide all day, unsurpassed comfort with seven different high, medium, and low support settings. The Comfort Channels allow simple, one-handed adjustment for leaning trees and weird positions, while giving you full control over where you need support most.

We built the load bearing components (Saddle Chassis, Bridge Loops, UtiliBridge, Lineman Loops, etc.) here in the USA (Texas baby!).

Tethrd Ultralock SD

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