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The Tethrd Skeletors are the best mid-priced portable climbing stick on the planet. First, we released the Tethrd One Sticks to be the most lightweight, packable, and mobile climbing stick on the planet. We used ultra-high-end materials and proprietary construction methods in order to achieve a One-Pound climbing stick (including the attachment method). We are the first in the world to bring this type of lightweight climbing to hunters. The downside is the One Sticks are expensive and hard to make. Enter the Skeletors. The Skeletors are designed to be budget friendly, but still include many of the features we engineered into our One Sticks.

The Skeletors are built with a folding dual step design that folds AWAY from the tree. Folding away from the tree gives the hunter more room for their feet when climbing. Is that a major life-changing feature? Probably not, but attention to detail counts when you're trying to be the most efficient hunter you can be.

The Skeletors attach to the tree with our patented DynaLite rope and tab. It's the most user friendly, lightweight, simple, and fast connection method in history. There are no heavy buckles. There are no mechanical pieces. There is no fiddle factor.

Stacking your Skeletors for transport is a breeze with our built in StickLoc pin system. Simply align the pins and stack away. We're also introducing our patent-pending RCS (Rope Containment System). Manage your DynaLite ropes quickly and easily with a Roll-Tide-Simple RCS.

Total Length (Packed): 24"

Total Length (Deployed): 20"

Total Length (4 Pack): 27"

Step-to-Step Height: 18"

Total Weight (Single)*: 2 lb

Total Weight (4 Pack)*: 8 lb

Dynaligh Rope: 8.5 foot

Weight Limit: 300 lb


Tethrd Skeletors

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