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It’s the perfect complement to any Tethrd Saddle hunting setup. The Predator allows you to shoot 360 degrees around any tree, with maximum comfort and ease. It does that without unnecessary weight and bulk. We’re biased…but we think it’s PERFECT.

The Predator Platform allows hunters to shoot 360 degrees around the tree and remain comfortable all day long. The Predator can be installed on nearly any tree that will hold your weight. It gives the saddle hunter an extreme advantage when it comes to versatility and bulk reduction. There are a lot of advantages to the Predator, but here are a few of our favorite:

Die-cast aluminum construction for superior strength and minimal noise.
Rock solid, yet whisper quiet installation with our ZipCam strap and button.
Easy adjustment for leaning trees or foot positions with adjustable platform leveling.
Patented Traction Tread & Toe Wings for easy maneuverability and side pressure.
The Predator is the original ultralight saddle hunting platform. It's the standard against which all other saddle hunting platforms are measured. Weighing only 3lbs, and packing flat for transport, it's the lightest, least bulky, full-featured saddle hunting platform ever designed.

Weight: 64.27 oz Regular and 80.48 oz XL
Rating: 300lbs

Tethrd Predator Platform

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