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The Phantom is 100% Made in the USA.

All day effortless comfort awaits. The Phantom is the next evolution in ultralight hunting. Try the Phantom and discover why hunters all over the world are ditching their tree stands for the saddle hunting revolution.

Waist sizes 28″-36″ should select the Regular. Waist sizes 38″+ should select the XL. See “Sizing” info below for more info.

The Tethrd® Phantom® is the result of 2 years of testing and research and development. The patent pending shape and cut means the Phantom® fits waist sizes from 28 inches to 40 inches. If your waist size is up to 36″, you should select the REGULAR. If you are a 36″ and larger, you should select the XL. However this isn’t set in stone. Some hunters with smaller waists, but with a little more “junk in the trunk” like to run the XL version. If you’re on the fence…you may want to size up first. But don’t worry no matter which way you go, we’ll get you sorted out if your size selection doesn’t work out.

The patent pending Comfort Channels™ provide all day, unsurpassed comfort with easy to use high, medium, and low support settings. The Comfort Channels allow simple, one-handed, adjustment for leaning trees, and give you full control over where you need support most. If you like lower back support, move to the “high” Comfort Channel. If you like more support under your seat, move to the “low” Comfort Channel.

In the past hunters had to sacrifice user-friendliness, or accept more weight and bulk, to have a truly on-demand adjustable bridge. The patent pending UtiliBridge™ is the first of it’s kind constructed with Dynalite™. Our proprietary Dynalite™ material is made from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) and is one of the strongest pound for pound fibers on the planet. It’s stronger than steel. It floats. It’s weather resistant. It’s ultralight. It can hold a jeep. Dynalite™ is perfect for outdoor applications. With nearly 30 inches of on-the-fly adjustability, everyone can find their saddle hunting sweet spot. There’s no metal, no bulk, and it’s the strongest adjustable bridge ever made. The UtiliBridge™ checks all the boxes and has tons of upside potential. Looking for the down side? Good luck.

The Phantom has re-engineered lineman loops to make them more user friendly and even stronger than ever. The large patent pending lineman loops are easier to find and use in the dark, even with gloves on your hands during the late season. Rest assured the Phantom’s lineman loops will handle anything you can throw at them.

We upgraded the waist belt on the Phantom to a completely new ultra-wide, ultra-adjustable design. We eliminated the tri-glide adjustment system used on all other Tethrd saddles. This simplified belt makes one-handed belt cinching a breeze. The all-new floating design means you have unlimited positioning options for your buckle. You can position the buckle on your left or right side, or right in the middle of your waist. You can also easily adjust the position for early season or late season settings.

The Phantom is ready to give you all the support you need. We’ve listened to a lot of saddle hunters who wished there was a suspender option for their saddle. Our brand new Suspension Kit is designed to work seamlessly with the Phantom. The Suspension Kit will also work with any saddle that incorporates standard molle loops. *Suspension Kit sold separately.

Not only is the Phantom the most efficient elevated hunting saddle ever built…it’s 100% made in America. If you’re looking to be a more efficient hunter and eliminate as much weight and bulk as possible, congratulations…mission accomplished.

RATING: 300 lbs

Tethrd Phantom

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