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For All Saddlehunters. Packs are so personal. What works for one hunter, might not work for another hunter. We took over 2 years to design, test, and build the pack WE always wanted. The result is pretty amazing and made 100% right here in the USA.

What's in the box? FAS PACK & COMPRESSION KIT

We wanted to accomplish three main things with the FAS PACK:
1. Make it 100% in the USA out of bombproof & durable materials
2. Make it infinitely modular and user-customizable
3. Make it simple & minimalist but with BIG capabilities

We feel like the FAS pack EXCEEDS all three of our goals. First of all, it's going to last a long time. We chose MILSPEC materials and 100% USA manufacturing in the Midwest to make sure it lasts a long time for all of you saddle hunting maniacs. Second, we put laser-cut MOLLE EVERYWHERE. The laser cut is important because it saves weight for the hunter and gives maximum flexibility. You can add pockets, add straps, or add anything you want. The FAS PACK is a blank canvas to fit your needs. Finally, we made it on the smaller side on purpose. If you take a big giant pack to the the're going to fill it up with a bunch of crap you don't need.

That's the good stuff. Let's do something no other manufacturer does and talk about the tradeoffs with a pack like this. First of all, because we decided to make it 100% in America, unfortunately that comes with Made In America pricing. This is an expensive pack. That's what happens you hire Americans in Wisconsin to build awesome gear. Another tradeoff is the potential for noise. We went back in forth during prototype and design phases talking about materials. In the end, we chose durable, bombproof materials over lighter, softer, quieter ones. That means this pack isn't going to be as quiet as a soft fleece pack. That's a tradeoff we were willing to make. Finally is the size. Since we wanted this to be a minimalist pack on the smaller side, those of you who live in extreme environments (think MN, WI, Upstate NY) might struggle to make this a truly 4-season pack. When temperatures are way low and you need to pack lots of big, bulky, layers, you might find this pack a little too small for that.

That's everything about the FAS PACK in black and white. This pack it totally awesome. We've been using different versions of the FAS PACK for 3 hunting seasons, and it's definitely the best pack we've ever used.

• 1000 cubic inch main pocket. 600-800 additional storage (top lid and side pockets).
• The main body of the pack is constructed of bombproof 500 D Cordura and Squadron B-52 materials.
• YKK zippers throughout.
• MILSPEC mesh on all internal zippered pockets.
• All stretch pockets utilize SAM ONE 4-way-stretch material.
• “Pass through” top lid for easy access in the tree.
• Two grommets in bottom of each side pocket for drainage purposes and utilizing retractable gear hoists.
• Inside of pack lined with STRATA micro-fleece camo for quietness.
• HDPE internal frame sheet with aluminum stay designed to be custom shaped to fit your back.
• 20 tab-loops for endless gear attachment configurations.
• Padded air mesh back.
• Comfortable, padded shoulder straps.
• Weight: 3lbs

Tethrd FAS Pack

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