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Not all carbon fiber is created equally. Just like there are qualitative levels with steel, aluminum, and other metals related to hardness, flexibility, and strength; the same standards apply to carbon fiber. We've partnered with arguably the top carbon fiber manufacturer in the country, famous for high performance race cars and off-road vehicle engineering.

We use a proprietary compound known as Tetra CF2™ to produce parts certified to hold up to 4x the required standard at a lower weight than aluminum. This makes the Predator CFX platform the most bad a**, tough as nails, top of the line carbon fiber product in the industry. Our unique Carbon Fiber Forged™ process makes this the strongest, lightest, and quietest platform we've ever made.

The Predator CFX is the lightest, fully featured, mobile saddle platform that raises the bar for what's possible in the mobile hunting gear.

DOES NOT fit in the Predator Pack or XL Predator Pack

Weight rating: 300lbs
CFX-XL Dimensions: 12 in x 15.5 in x 3 in

Tethrd CFX Platform

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