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Pure Whitetail’s Tarsal Gland Scent is collected from a single rutting buck, no additives and 100% pure.

The Intense smell triggers a dominant bucks natural instinct to defend his territory!

  • SINGLE DOMINANT BUCK TARSAL GLAND SCENT: Collected from an individual crazed rutting buck from Pure Whitetail’s own deer herd. The absolute strongest Buck in Rut Tarsal Gland scent available anywhere!
  • 100% PURE AND FRESH: Pure Whitetail’s Tarsal Gland Scent is 100% pure and no additives ensures your bottle contains the freshest, strongest scent available.
  • USE: During the pre-rut and rut, use in scrapes and on overhanging licking branches on Pure Whitetail Flex Wicks. Use on drag lines such as Pure Whitetail’s Last Track and on soaked Flex Wicks around your treestands and blinds. Drive dominant bucks crazy as they search for the intruder encroaching on their does and their territory.
  • GUARANTEED AND CERTIFIED: Guaranteed fresh and State Certified CWD Free.

Use on scrapes, drag lines or with Pure Whitetail’s FlexWick!

Tarsal Gland

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