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Introducing the Tackle HD Fiddle-Styx jerkbaits! The Fiddle-Styx produce a wide side to side action that mimics a wounded or dying bait fish. Our jerkbaits were tested in 50-degree water to attain neutral buoyancy, which is the prime water temperature for jerkbait season. Colder water will result in a slow fall whereas warmer water will result in a slow rise in the water column. The Fiddle-Styx have a unique weight transfer system that keeps the nose pointed down when in the water and tail weighted for increased casting distances. Our jerkbaits are equipped with super sharp and sticky hooks for better hook up ratios. Also, our jerkbaits are offered in a two-pack pro pack, which is something that is not offered on the market today.

Tackle HD Fiddle Styx (2 Pack)

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