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See what’s happening as it’s happening with the Tactacam REVEAL Pro 3.0 cellular trail camera. With undetectable No-Glow IR flash technology, exceptional battery life, and a user-friendly app, the Pro 3.0 will be your eyes from the field for the entirety of the season.The REVEAL Pro 3.0 has an optional SD card slot, an intuitive 2”LCD screen, HD photos and on-demand videos that can be requested straight from the app, along with GPS to ensure your camera is always on the map. The REVEAL Pro 3.0 is a multi-carrier capable camera that works on multiple cellular networks.

Features: No-Glow IR Flash Technology, NEW-Optional SD Card Slot with Built-in Storage, No SD Card is Required, NEW-Pre-Installed Antenna Location for a More Durable Camera Experience, Best-in-class Battery Life, Built-in GPS, 2”LCD Screen with Live Aiming, Fast Trigger Speeds, NEW-Improved Image Sensors, 1080p FHD Video, NEW-On-Demand Video Requests, HD Photo Requests, Selectable Videos of 10, 15, & 30 Seconds, NEW Cellular Firmware Updates.

Reveal X Pro 3

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