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Pure Whitetail Ladies Night Out

Pure Whitetail’s Ladies Night Out Doe Urine (Non-Estrous) is 100% pure from multiple does. May be used to simulate high scrape activity from a group of does. It is fresh, never frozen, contains no additives or preservatives, and is never held over from the previous season. It is collected from Pure Whitetail’s own deer farm in Middletown, OH. Our herd is State Certified CWD Free. Ladies Night Out Doe Urine is a deer scent that is primarily used in early and late seasons. It can be used as an attractant and calming scent in mock scrapes, both on the ground and on licking branches. It may also be used as a cover scent when scouting, checking trail cams or hunting. Use in scrapes, overhanging branches on Pure Whitetail’s flexible scent wicks (Flex Wick), and on Pure Whitetail’s Last Track drag as you travel to your hunting area. Use it to keep does in your area and the bucks will follow as the pre-rut and rut cycles kick in.

Ladies Night Out

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