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Paired with a 1/64 oz Trout Magnet jig head, “The Culper” is an ideal option for attacking smaller streams. Designed to be small and reactionary, The Culper’s 1.25” grub body and fluke tail is a necessity for any trout anglers tacklebox. As your sneaking along the creek side ducking in and out of thicket, hoping your shadow avoids the waters edge, you’ll eventually see that lone brook trout hanging out in the hydraulic cushion of a large boulder.  Cast “The Culper” a few feet in front and watch the magic happen. Named after General Washington’s “Culper Ring” of spies during the Revolution, this bait option will assist you as you scout those elusive species of trout.


Quantity: 2 Jig hooks & 10 bodies in a Pack

Size: 1.25”

Fish or Die The Culper

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