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Pure Whitetail’s Expandable Field Wipes

Our Expandable field wipes bring ULTRA portability to scent elimination and field sanitation!

Pure Whitetail’s Expandable Field Wipes is the perfect addition to every hunters pack. With multiple uses, our wipes are the diameter of a nickel and about 3/8″ thick, can be rehydrated to a 7″x10″ moist towelette with water or scent elimination spray.

HOW TO USE  – For scent elimination, simply spray the tablet with Pure Whitetail’s Field Spray and watch the magic unfold! Hydrate with water for field dressing cleanup or for basic sanitation needs.

  • Resealable bag
  • Individually wrapped
  • Small form factor
  • Rehydrate with any liquid
  • Big 7″x10″ size once rehydrated
  • Extremely durable

Expandable Wipes

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